November Rain Guitar Chords

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(E)When I look into your (C#m)eyes I can see a love res(B)trained 
(E)But darling when I (C#m)hold you Don't you know I feel the (B)same 
(C#m)Cos nothin' last for (F#) ever And we both know hearts can (B)change 
(C#m)And it's hard to hold a (F#)candle In the cold November (B)rain 
(E)We've been through this such a (C#m)long, long time Just tryin' to kill the (B)pain, oh yeah 

(E)But lovers always come and lovers always go And (C#m)no one's really sure who's lettin' go to(B)day Walkin' away 
(E)If we could take the time to lay it on the line I could (C#m)rest my head Just knowin' that you were (B)mine All mine 
(C#m)So if you want to (F#)love me Then darlin' don't re(B)frain 
(C#m)Or I'll just end up (F#)walkin' In the cold november (B)rain 
Do you (E)need sometime on your (F#)own? Do you (E)need sometime all a (F#)lone? 
Everybody (E)needs sometime on their (F#)own Don't you know you (E)need sometime all a(F#)lone 

I know it's (E)hard to keep an (B)open heart 
(D#m)When even (E)friends seem out to (C#m)harm you 
(D#m)But if (E) you could heal a (B)broken heart 
(D#m)Wouldn't (E)time be out to charm (F#)you 

Sometimes I (E)need sometime on my (F#)own Sometimes I (E)need sometime all a(F#)lone Everybody (E)needs sometime on their(F#)own Don't you know you (E)need sometime all a(F#)lone 
(E)And when your fears sub (C#m) side And shadows still re(B)mains, 
oh yeah (E) I know that you can (C#m) love me When there's no one left to (B)blame 
(C#m) So never mind the (F#)darkness We still can find a (B)way 
(C#m)Cause nothin' lasts for(F#)ever even cold november (B)rain 

(Bm)Don't ya think (F#)that you need somebody 
(E)Don't ya think (D)that you need someone 
(Gbar)Everybody (Abar)needs somebody 
(Bm)You're not the only one ..You're not the only one

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